Hopes for the Future

As we work hard for the glory of Christ together with the Diocese of Mt Kilimanjaro, College Board, and our friends and supporters, we have the following hopes for our college, by God’s gracious will.

  • Accommodation

This year we’ve invited four students to bring their families with them.  Previously married students left their families behind.  We had seen this as a great danger and short-fall.  We had some small rooms that we’ve converted into living quarters for some of our students.  To this point (3 months) its been a great success, as we’ve been able to train those men in the context of their family responsibilities and train their wives also in ministry.

We don’t have accommodation for the rest of the married students, nor can those houses be a long term solution.  We’d love to build some proper accommodation, and keep sharpening our wives program, as well as thinking of our we can invest in these ministry marriages.  But we just don’t have the financial means to do this.  Can you help?

  • Degree Program

As we grow the college, we hope to develop the quality of our education and eventually start a degree program.  It makes sense, as Arusha has become a key centre in the country, and Munguishi ideally suited to grow.  This means investing heavily in our teaching staff, as well as improving our resources.

The degree program would be aimed at educated school leavers and older pastors looking for further training.

Its a great plan, but personally, I want to do it while not devaluing the lower level courses.  Even as the nation improves its education, a significant number of people still have only finished primary school.  Many of these are gifted servants of Christ, and a significant amount of (especially rural) ministry will be done by these men and women.  As God grows his kingdom through those far-spread churches, its our privilege to be involved in giving them fundamental skills and knowledge in Bible teaching.

  • Practical Ministry Training

MBC emphasises the teaching of ministry through practise and observation, as well as time in the class room.  To this end we hope to keep developing partnerships with local churches to see our students get good opportunities to see, practise and reflect upon ministry in real situations, with real people!

  • Financially Self-Sufficient

MBC is located on a 100 acre farm.  Arusha is a fertile area, and we are surrounded by big rose-farms, exporting flowers to Europe each day.  With the right person, a properly trained agriculturalist, or an entrepreneur, and proper wise investment, we believe that Munguishi could not only be self-sufficient, but provide support for ministry throughout the diocese.  There is great potential here, with investment, but the right person needs to be found.  Know someone who can help?