We’d love to invite you to partner with us.  MBC is an exciting and strategic ministry as we train many men and women for local parish ministry.  These students will be ordained,  plant new churches, evangelize villages, and by God’s grace will boldly and faithfully preach Christ.

By investing in MBC you invest in people.  We believe in the worth of this investment because God saves people through the preaching of his word.  Your investment in MBC will enable us to equip someone for a lifetime of ministry.  What a great opportunity!

While it only costs about $1500 per year to house, feed, train and teach each student, this is well beyond the means of many people.

We require that each student is sponsored in part by a sending church, because its important that we share in this ministry together.  This means that each student is ‘recommended’ by his or her church for future ministry.  However, MBC still needs to find the large part (90%) of these costs ourselves.  We do this through our student scholarship fund.

For the calendar year 2015, MBC will need to raise $70,000 to board and educate 44 students, including 5 students families.  This includes staff salaries, utilities and food, stationery and other college needs.

Please give to our scholarship fund at Munguishi.  

Your donation will enable us to train many who otherwise would be unable to afford it.  We strive to make this an affordable and excellent education, and so invite you to partner with us to make that possible.